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First AI Core app update released for Google Pixel 8 Pro

Google has released an update for the AI Core app on Pixel 8 Pro devices today. This background service powers AI-driven features across Android, keeps these features up-to-date, and provides AI functionality to other apps.

The update bumps the app version from 0.release.539035001 to 0.release.582652206 and is specific to Pixel 8 Pro devices on the stable and beta (QPR1 and QPR2) Android 14 builds. Unfortunately, the update is not yet available for the Pixel 8 or older Pixel devices.

Although users won’t interact with AI Core directly, it plays a crucial role in delivering AI-powered experiences on the Pixel 8 Pro. Some of the features that AI Core helps power include automatic scene detection for the camera and more personalized recommendations.

AI Core is also responsible for managing the on-device AI models that power features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur. The models are constantly updated to improve their performance, and AI Core ensures that your device has the latest models installed.

Pixel 8 Pro users can head over to the Google Play Store to apply this update, or they should receive the AI Core update automatically within the next few days. This update equips the Pixel 8 Pro to deliver an even more seamless and intelligent user experience, powered by the latest AI advancements from Google.

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