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First Peek at New Pixel 8 Shade Revealed by Google

Google has begun teasing a new color option for the upcoming release of the Pixel 8 later this month. The company posted a message on Twitter with a binary encoded message that translates to: “Fresh year, fresh drop.” According to Google’s website, the new color will be Minty Green, and the teaser photo gives us the first look at the shade, which appears funkier and brighter than the current color options.

It is uncertain if both the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro will be available in Minty Green, as the teaser only showcases the latter. The new Pixel 8 color variant is set to be released on January 25, and it will reportedly only be available for purchase through Google.

Google has dropped subtle hints about a green Pixel 8, including the sale of a mint silicone case for the device. Additionally, the company briefly listed a model with a green camera bar, fueling rumors of a new color option.

It’s not common for Google to release new color options mid-cycle, but it can be a strategy to boost sales. Despite this, the Pixel 8 series has been performing well, with reports indicating that Google was the only brand to see an increase in shipment in Q2 2023.

The new Pixel 8 is expected to have the same specs and design as the current models, but the introduction of a fresh hue could help reignite interest in Google’s phones, particularly in the face of competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S24.

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