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Fitbit unveils app updates and hints at dark mode, influenced by user preferences

Google recently gave the Fitbit app a makeover, aiming for a cleaner look and better organization of tabs. While the initial revamp aimed to prioritize health information, user feedback hinted at a less-than-perfect reception. Today’s Fitbit update addresses these concerns.

Taking cues from user input, Fitbit shared a list of upcoming changes for the Fitbit app (via 9to5Google). Expect design tweaks, new features, and enhanced customization options.

One immediate change is the display of tracker and smartwatch battery percentages in the Today tab’s top-left corner. No more navigating to the Devices page; it’s right there for quick access.

For Android users, the Steps streak feature, previously exclusive to iOS, is making its debut. Fitbit acknowledges the positive response as the reason for bringing it to the Android platform and returning it to iOS. Additionally, the Fitbit app now celebrates when you reach your daily step goal.

Addressing user concerns about too much white space in the stat cards, Google is streamlining the Today tab layout. The update aims to reduce spacing and optimize the overall design based on user feedback.

In a nod to customization, Fitbit reminds users that they can tailor the four stats displayed at the top of the Today feed in rings. No need to stick with the default settings; just tap the pencil icon in the top-right corner and navigate to “Custom preset.”

Looking ahead, a future app update will introduce the much-anticipated “Dark mode.” Fitbit is currently working on it, with the release scheduled for some point down the road. This feature will be a welcome addition, especially for those who exercise during early mornings or late nights.

Just recently, Google has officially unveiled the new Fitbit Charge 6 fitness tracker, and surprise, surprise, AI is stealing the spotlight once again. James Park, the co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, spilled the beans that Fitbit users are in for a treat – they’ll soon have their very own chatbot to chat with and get answers to their burning questions.

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