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Galaxy S24 Ultra Defects: Samsung Denies Exchanges, Consumers Lose Pre-Order Discounts – Phones Canada

Some Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra users have reported a display issue where a thin green line runs vertically down the screen, sometimes accompanied by a thin white line running horizontally. Users have taken to the Samsung Community Forum and Reddit to express their frustration with this problem. Here are some of the key points to note about this issue:

– One user experienced the appearance of these lines while watching YouTube and even on the boot screen.
– Samsung Care+ acknowledged that it was a manufacturing defect but refused to exchange the device for a new one, instead requiring the user to return and repurchase the phone at the risk of losing any pre-order discounts.
– Another Verizon customer was told that Samsung would not take responsibility for the issue, leading to frustration in trying to resolve it.
– The problem seems to be specific to Galaxy S24 Ultra units sold by U.S. carriers, as unlocked phones from Samsung do not appear to be affected.
– Carriers are requiring customers to return and repurchase defective units, causing them to potentially lose pre-order discounts and incur restocking fees.

If you are facing this problem with your Galaxy S24 Ultra, consider these tips before returning your device:

– Ensure that you will not be charged any restocking fees for returning and repurchasing another unit.
– Verify that you will not lose any pre-order discounts when exchanging your defective phone.

It is important for consumers dealing with this issue on their Galaxy S24 Ultras to seek solutions that do not result in financial repercussions. We recommend staying informed about any developments related to this matter as it unfolds.

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