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Game-changing wireless earbuds featuring lossless audio, Wi-Fi connectivity, and exceptional range set to launch in 2024

Get Ready for a Sonic Revolution with Qualcomm’s Latest Sound Platforms

At the Snapdragon summit, Qualcomm has unveiled its latest S7 and S7 Pro Gen 1 sound platforms that are set to power your earbuds, headphones, and speakers, taking your audio experience to a whole new level.

These cutting-edge audio platforms boast the following features:

  • Super Smart Sound: Each platform is equipped with on-device AI technology that personalizes and enhances the audio experience. Utilizing AI, these platforms can improve phone call quality and optimize active noise cancellation based on the user’s environment. Compared to previous-gen platforms, the new chips deliver six times the compute power and almost 100 times more AI power.
  • Wi-Fi Magic: The S7 Pro is particularly special as it seamlessly switches between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, extending the connection range significantly. With this feature, users can enjoy uninterrupted music and calls while walking around their house or campus.
  • No Compromise on Quality: These platforms support up to 24bit, 192kHz lossless music, ideal for those who prioritize top-notch music quality. The S7 Pro utilizes Wi-Fi technology to transmit audio at up to 29Mbps, enabling the streaming of Hi-Res audio via services like Tidal.

Dino Bekins, the VP and GM at Qualcomm, states, “These platforms set a new benchmark for high-performance sound at ultra-low power. They are packed with premium technologies that work together with on-device AI to deliver immersive and personalized audio experiences wherever you go – whether in a meeting, socializing, gaming, listening to music, or just needing some quiet time.

According to Qualcomm’s latest report, audio quality is a paramount concern for consumers. Around 73% of individuals express their desire for better sound quality with each new device they purchase, and approximately 69% are seeking lossless audio quality in their next earbuds.

Get ready for a new era of sound. The first product utilizing the power of these revolutionary chips is expected to launch in 2024, with renowned audio giant Bose being one of the first companies to incorporate them into their products.

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