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Get Connected with Bluesky: The Must-Have Social Networking App for Everyone

Bluesky, the open-source replacement to Twitter, has announced that it is removing its waitlist, allowing anyone to join its decentralized social media app. This is a significant step forward for the project, which initially began as a Twitter internal project before branching off into its own separate company.

Initially launched as a closed beta on iOS and later on Android, Bluesky gained momentum amid Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter (now called “X”) and the resulting controversy. Many Twitter users were seeking an alternative to the changes happening within the app and its management, and Bluesky appeared to be the solution.

However, access to Bluesky was limited by invite codes, and the app lacked some basic features in its early stages. The absence of proper notifications was a major hurdle for many users. Despite these challenges, Bluesky gradually developed a loyal user base looking for innovation in social media.

With over 3 million users now on board, Bluesky will feel familiar to those accustomed to Twitter and Threads. Posts, referred to as “skeets,” are displayed chronologically, and users can choose curated feeds from others.

Bluesky is committed to decentralization and addressing issues caused by the dominance of large tech companies in online interactions. CEO Jay Graber emphasized the app’s dedication to open decentralization and plans to implement an autonomous moderation system allowing separate groups to create their own content labeling services.

While Bluesky’s focus on decentralization and community moderation is appealing to many users, its long-term success in the competitive social media landscape remains uncertain. The platform needs sustained user growth to thrive as a viable Twitter alternative. As it continues to evolve, we should keep an eye on Bluesky’s progress in establishing itself within the social media ecosystem.

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