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Get four Verizon iPhones with unlimited 5G data plan for only $30/month – Hurry!

Verizon Offers Free iPhone 14 Plus with Unlimited 5G Data Plan

Verizon has decided to exit the final quarter of the year with a bang as it introduced an amazing offer for a free iPhone 14 Plus with a monthly unlimited 5G data plan subscription at the rather incredible $30/month for each line. Yes, that’s for both the phone and the 5G plan subscription and no trade-ins are required.

As nearly every great offer for a free iPhone on an unlimited 5G plan, however, this Verizon deal is only for new customers. In other words, four new Verizon lines on its base Welcome Unlimited plan can net four lucky subscribers a free iPhone 14 Plus, for a grand total of $120/month on all four lines, so start finding 3 more people to join the party.

At $30/month for a line with a free iPhone, this Verizon offer nears some prepaid offers on virtual carriers, yet you get to use America’s cell phone network that has the widest coverage with some unlimited 5G sprinkled on top, where available.

The other caveats besides a new customer requirement? Well, the free iPhone 14 Plus deal requires a $829.99 purchase on device payment plan or at a full retail price. The initial outlay will then be reimbursed by Verizon as promo credits applied to your new line account over the course of 36 months. By then, you’d have used a free iPhone for 3 years and piggybacked on Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome 5G data plan at only $30/line a month for 4 lines, how about that?

Of course, the free iPhone deal on each of four new lines is valid for Verizon’s other 5G unlimited data plans that have data speed deprioritization thresholds, but then the price won’t be $120 for the four iPhones and their plans.

Other great features of this free Verizon iPhone 14 Plus offer on a $30/line is that it is available for up to 12 new lines, so one can hook up their extended family and friends circles as well, all the while they won’t be required to trade anything in return. Sweet!

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