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Global Variant of Xiaomi Mix Fold 4 Expected to be the First Foldable Xiaomi Smartphone, According to Database

Xiaomi Mix Fold 4: Upcoming Foldable Phone from Xiaomi

Xiaomi has been making waves in the smartphone industry with its innovative foldable phones. After the successful launch of the Mix Fold 3 in August, Xiaomi is all set to release its sequel, the Mix Fold 4. Excitingly, the Mix Fold 4 has already surfaced on the GSMA IMEI database, indicating its imminent arrival in the market.

According to reliable sources, the Mix Fold 4 will have two different model numbers: 2405CPX3DC and 2405CPX3DG. The only difference between the two model numbers is the last letter, “C” and “G,” which likely represent China and Global variants, respectively. This means that Xiaomi is planning to introduce a global variant of a foldable phone for the first time.

The model number, 2405, provides an interesting clue. The “24” indicates the year of release, which is 2024, and “05” suggests that the Mix Fold 4 might hit the market in May 2024. However, this is speculation, and Xiaomi’s coding system for model numbers might vary. Interestingly, the IMEI database also revealed another foldable phone called the Mix Flip, which is expected to be Xiaomi’s first clamshell-style foldable.

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