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Google and developers are the ultimate winners of RMG apps, and the house never loses

Google announced on the Android Developers Blog that it wishes to expand the availability of real-money gaming (RMG) apps in the Play Store. RMG apps involve real-world currencies and have been growing in popularity, leading Google to desire more of these apps in the Play Store. Google piloted programs in India and Brazil to allow Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) apps and Rummy apps, and the positive feedback from users and developers has encouraged Google to introduce more RMG apps in the Play Store.

In Mexico, the pilot program will end on June 30th, and developers can distribute RMG apps in the Mexican Play Store as long as they comply with local laws and Google’s policies. Similarly, in India, RMG pilot apps will be allowed until June 30th when Google’s new policies go into effect.

Google will begin supporting more RMG apps this year, expanding to game types and operators not currently covered by existing licensing frameworks. The expanded support will launch in June for users in India, Mexico, and Brazil, with plans to expand to more countries in the future.

The new policies aim to provide developers with new business opportunities while emphasizing user safety. Google will require age-gating and geo-gating to ensure apps are only accessible to adults in legal areas. Additionally, Google will evolve its service fee model for RMG to reflect the value it provides and sustain the Android and Play ecosystems, working closely with developers to accommodate various earning models in the industry.

It’s important to note that RMG apps can attract individuals with gambling problems, so Google must be cautious in its approach to support RMG in Play Stores worldwide. If executed correctly, Google and its developer partners stand to benefit from the ongoing popularity of RMG apps.

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