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Google announces new monthly delivery process for Pixel updates

Since the release of the Pixel 6, Google has faced challenges in consistently delivering security updates and feature drops on the first Monday of every month. These updates sometimes come with bugs, and Google has not provided an explanation for these issues. However, the company has now come up with a practical solution.

One of the key promises of the Pixel 8 series is extended software support for seven years. This support commitment includes Android operating system upgrades, indicating that the phones will likely be updated to Android 21. Additionally, spare parts for the handsets will be available for seven years.

To ensure the delivery of high-quality updates, Google has acknowledged that its previous goal of releasing security patches on the first Monday of each month is not realistic. Instead, the company will deploy security patches, bug fixes, and feature updates only when they have undergone thorough testing.

While Pixel users can still expect updates every month, they will no longer adhere to a strict schedule. Updates will be rolled out as soon as Google has completed the necessary tests to ensure an improved user experience.

According to Google, this change is part of its ongoing efforts to consistently deliver the highest quality and best tested updates to Pixel users. By prioritizing testing and quality assurance, Google aims to enhance the overall update experience for all Pixel customers.

With Google demonstrating its commitment to longer software support and an improved update experience, the Pixel phones are positioning themselves as formidable contenders in the smartphone market. The company’s Pixel Department Vice President, Nanda Ramachandran, has even stated that internal resources have been dedicated to update maintenance, underscoring the seriousness of Google’s pledge.

As Google continues to fulfill its promises and refine its update processes, it may not be long before the Pixel series emerges as one of the leading smartphone sellers worldwide.

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