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Google Calendar updates ‘Today’ button with a new design: Say farewell to dot and greet the date

If you find yourself frequently asking, “What day is it today?” then you’re probably a heavy user of calendars. Throughout history, remembering the date has always been a bit challenging. That’s why any small updates to our calendar apps are always appreciated.

Google Calendar has recently received a useful update on Android. The ‘Today’ button on the calendar now displays the actual date. It has been reported by 9to5Google that Google is testing showing the live date in between the search icon and account switcher. This change aims to enhance the user experience of Google Calendar on Android 13+. You will find it in Schedule, Day, 3 days, Week, and Month views on smartphones, while tablets will keep it simple with a solid “Today” label for the button.

What does this update mean for users? Well, now there’s no need to do a swipe-down Quick Settings dance or go back to the home screen just to check the date while deep into your calendar. It’s a small but convenient change.

If you’re eagerly waiting to experience this date display, keep an eye out for version 2023.36.1.x of Google Calendar for Android. If it hasn’t arrived on your device yet, a little trick is to give it a Force stop from the App info.

Did you know that over 70% of adults rely on digital calendars to keep track of their daily lives? Chances are, you’re one of them. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, digital calendars have become our go-to tool.

Enter Google Calendar, a heavyweight in the digital calendar world with over 1.5 billion people having a Google account, which is all you need to use Google Calendar. One of its best perks is the ability to sync it with your Gmail. This means that events from your email can directly go into your calendar. And just a few months ago, Google released a new Calendar scheduling tool for Gmail users.

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