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Google Camera App to Soon Receive a Refreshing UI Upgrade

The Google News channel on Telegram has revealed that the upcoming update to version 9.0.115 of the Google Camera app will bring a new user interface (UI) with added buttons for seamless switching between photo and video modes. Currently, the app displays individual Camera and Video tabs at the bottom of the screen. However, with the update, these tabs will be replaced by the Photo tab. Upon selecting this tab, users will find a camera icon for capturing photographs and a movie camera icon for shooting videos.

Within the camera icon for photographs, users can access various still photo options such as Action Pan, Long Exposure, Portrait, Photo (main), Night Sight, Panorama, and Photo Sphere. On the other hand, if users select the video icon, they will be presented with options related to video recording, including Pan, Video (main), Slow motion, and Time Lapse. Notably, video stabilization modes will be moved to the Quick Settings panel.

In addition to these changes, the update will bring the zoom slider feature from the Pixel 7 series to the Pixel 6 lineup. Moreover, the UI swap involves switching the buttons that toggle between the front-facing and rear cameras, as well as the button that opens the gallery. After the update, the button on the right will alternate between the front-facing camera and the rear camera array, while the button on the left will open the gallery.

It is worth noting that this new version of the Google Camera app requires Android 14 to run smoothly. However, the stable version of Android 14 has been delayed. As of now, my Pixel 6 Pro is running the Android 14 Beta 5.3 update, but we can expect the stable version of Android 14 to be released sometime in the near future. Given Google’s usual release patterns, it is likely that the stable version will be unveiled around October 4th, coinciding with the introduction of the Pixel 8 series and the Pixel Watch 2.

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