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Google delays launch of Gemini, ChatGPT’s rival, until January

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding ChatGPT and the drama involving Sam Altman. However, let’s shift our focus to Google and their progress on their own answer to ChatGPT.

You may remember Gemini, the name Google gave to its latest AI project, which was announced at the I/O 2023 conference. Originally slated for a December release, Google has decided to postpone the launch until January 2024. This decision comes after the company found that Gemini did not reliably handle some non-English queries, prompting CEO Sundar Pichai to delay the launch.

Google is prioritizing global language support and aims to match or surpass OpenAI’s GPT-4. Pichai recently stated that the company is focused on getting Gemini 1.0 out as soon as possible, ensuring it is competitive and state-of-the-art, with plans to build from there.

The team at Google DeepMind, which is working on Gemini, is looking to give the system new capabilities such as planning and problem-solving. Additionally, they are seeking ways to enhance the large language model (LLM) technology with ideas from other areas of AI.

We look forward to seeing how Google’s Gemini project will unfold in the coming months.

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