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Google Expands Pixel Buds Pro’s Assistant Quick Phrases for Handling Incoming Calls

Google’s recent update to Quick Phrases now allows Pixel Buds Pro users to control their Pixel devices with simple voice commands without having to say “Hey Google” first. This feature was previously limited to Pixel smartphones and tablets, but now users can manage incoming calls with voice commands such as “answer,” “decline,” or “silence” using their Pixel Buds Pro. It’s important to note that this feature is currently only available for calls, and controlling timers and alarms still requires the “Hey Google” activation phrase. Additionally, Quick Phrases remain exclusive to Pixel 6 and newer devices.

Despite Google not officially acknowledging this expansion, the feature is fully functional on Pixel Buds Pro. Quick Phrases offer a convenient way to interact with Pixel devices without constantly saying “Hey Google,” but they still remain more limited on Pixel devices compared to Google Nest products. However, the addition of Quick Phrases to Pixel Buds Pro enhances the hands-free experience for Pixel users. With further development, Quick Phrases could potentially expand to encompass a wider range of actions and devices, further enhancing the convenience of Google’s ecosystem.

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