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Google introduces enhanced text formatting for Keep Notes on Android

Last week, code within Android hinted at a potential new feature for Google Keep: the addition of rich text formatting to notes. This feature has been highly requested by regular users of the app. While there were no user rollouts at the time, we were able to gather some information through screenshots and notes shared by Mishaal Rahman on his X post. Luckily, Google has now confirmed the news through its Google Workspace Updates Blog.

In the official announcement, Google stated that Google Keep will soon offer new text formatting options for notes on Android devices. The company acknowledged the high demand for this feature from its users as the driving force behind its development.

The new formatting options will allow users to customize their notes by adding bold, italic, or underlined formatting. Additionally, there will be various heading styles available, such as H1 and H2.

At the moment, these formatting options will only be available for new notes. However, Google plans to include support for existing notes in the upcoming weeks. The rollout begins today for all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts. However, it may take up to two weeks for the feature to reach all users.

To utilize the new formatting options, simply select the text you want to format and choose the desired option from the toolbar. It’s important to note that text formatting is only available on Android devices. If you view a note with formatting on a desktop browser or an iOS device, any applied formatting will not be visible.

While the addition of formatting options in Keep doesn’t bring it to the same level as more advanced note-taking apps like Microsoft’s OneNote or Squid, it’s a promising start to a highly requested feature. It’s exciting to see Google responding to the needs of its users and continuously improving its apps.

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