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Google is set to delete Gmail accounts inactive for two years

You might recall that back in May, Google said that Gmail accounts that have been inactive for two years would face deletion and get wiped off the face of this earth. Before making this announcement, Google used to erase the content stored in these seemingly forgotten accounts but would still allowed the Gmail account to remain active. Now, Google might be concerned with the extra security risk that accompanies abandoned Gmail accounts. Using an abandoned Gmail account to send and receive gmail containing personal data is not a good idea which is why Google would rather delete these accounts fully instead of wiping out the content and letting users continue to use the accounts. Per Android Authority, Google will begin deleting these accounts starting next month.

Google is deleting Gmail accounts that haven’t been used for two years

While the clock is ticking down toward December, it is not too late to save an inactive Gmail account that you have. Otherwise, it will be tossed in the trash as though you never created it at all. To save your inactive Gmail account all you have to do is sign in and, well, use it. Here are some suggestions for things you can do to keep your Gmail account alive if you’re closing ion on two years of inactivity:

  • Watch YouTube.
  • Read an email.
  • Use Google Drive.
  • Use Google Search.
  • Use your Google sign-in to log into a third-party app.

Speaking of YouTube, Google does have a process that it will use to delete the abandoned Gmail accounts and one thing that it will not do at this time is delete an unused Gmail account that has a YouTube video currently active. What it will do is start with Gmail accounts that were created and never used again.

Google is only removing inactive personal Gmail accounts. Abandoned accounts belonging to companies or schools will not be deleted. Remember, those Gmail accounts that have withered on the vine for two years are the ones that Google is deleting.

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