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Google likely to rebrand Assistant as Bard before release

Google is going to rename its Assistant to Bard when it launches later this year. Originally announced in October during the Pixel 8 event, Bard is set to be released in 2024.

Recent reports suggest that the Google app’s greeting screen has been updated from “Hi! I’m Assistant with Bard” to “Hi! I’m Bard.” Additionally, all mentions of Assistant with Bard have been replaced with just Bard. This indicates that Google is rebranding Bard as a digital assistant separate from the original Google Assistant.

However, Bard is currently classified as an “experimental AI assistant,” compared to the established Google Assistant. Google recently removed several good Assistant features, indicating a transition towards Bard as the primary digital assistant. Although Bard may not initially offer all the features of Assistant, Google may promise to add them in the future. It’s clear that Bard will take some time to transition from an “experimental” status to a stable product. Nonetheless, Google seems dedicated to making it work.

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