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Google Meet receives new productivity feature in latest update

Google Meet, the popular video conferencing app, is receiving new features that enhance its functionality. Despite recent controversy surrounding the removal of Meet and Zoom support from Nest Hub Max, these new updates are unrelated.

One exciting addition is the ability for users to install third-party add-ons directly within the Meet app. This productivity feature allows Meet users to easily incorporate third-party apps without leaving the app itself. To access this feature, simply navigate to the “Featured add-ons” category in the activities panel and install apps like Confluence, Figma, Lucidspark, Miro, Polly, and with just two clicks.

But that’s not all. Google Meet now includes a “Get add-ons” button, which takes users to the Google Workspace Marketplace. Here, users can explore and discover even more add-ons for the app. However, it’s worth noting that some add-ons may not appear if admins have disabled access to them.

In other news, Google has also announced an improvement to its partnership with Miro, which was initially revealed in 2022. Now, Miro will open directly within the Meet app, eliminating the need for a separate tab. Users can access this integration by installing the Miro add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

These exciting features are already available for rapid release domains, and users in other domains can expect to receive them within the next two weeks. It’s important to mention that the ability to install third-party apps directly within the Meet app is accessible to all Google Workspace customers.

Phones Canada is thrilled about these updates that enhance the usability of Google Meet. We believe that these new features will greatly benefit our users, allowing for more productive and efficient video conferencing experiences.

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