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Google Messages is experimenting with new animations for emoji reactions

Phones Canada is excited to announce that Google Messages has been receiving a steady stream of new features this month, including the latest update that adds a bit more flair to your conversations. The Google Messages app is now experimenting with animated emoji reactions, which brings a bit more life and flair to otherwise static interactions.

This feature is currently hidden in Google Messages beta and was enabled by AssembleDebug from TheSpAndroid by tinkering with some flags, suggesting that although not yet rolled out to everyone, it may begin to show up for users soon as the feature appears complete.

In Google’s implementation, when you react to a message with certain emojis, you’ll see colorful animations that burst on the screen and highlight the message you are reacting to — such as floating exclamation marks, flames, inflatable tube men, an umbrella, etc. These reactions are currently limited to a select few emojis, but hopefully Google expands the list in the future.

The addition of animated emoji reactions is just one of several new features that Google has introduced to Messages this month. The app has also received noise cancellation for voice calls, text formatting options, and a revamped profile and chat UI. These updates are part of Google’s ongoing efforts to push Rich Communication Services (RCS) as the standard for messaging, encouraging even Apple to join the RCS conversation.

As Google continues to add new features to Messages, the app is becoming increasingly more feature-rich and user-friendly. The addition of animated emoji reactions is a welcome addition that adds a bit more fun and personality to your conversations.

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