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Google Messages no longer supports Reminder and Google Photos integration functions

Google Messages, the default messaging app for many Android users, has recently lost two key features: message reminders and Google Photos integration. These removals have been met with confusion and frustration from users, who are hoping that the features are simply bugs and not intentional changes.

As reported by 9to5Google, some users — both on stable and beta versions of the app — have reported that the alarm clock icon, used to set reminders for messages, is no longer visible in the toolbar when selecting a message. While the “Remind 1 hr” shortcut in incoming notifications still works, the full reminder functionality seems to be missing. This is a strange occurrence considering the feature was introduced back in 2019 and has since then become a popular feature among users.

Additionally, the Google Photos integration that allows users to upload videos to the cloud and send them as links, is also missing. This feature was particularly useful for sharing high-quality videos without the limitations of SMS/MMS. However, this feature is now completely missing from the Messages app settings, when it would normally appear right above the aforementioned “Remind 1 hr” setting.

The removal of these features has led many users to believe that they are intentional decisions by Google. However, it is more likely that these are bugs or glitches rather than planned changes, likely due to the recently planned upgrades currently in testing— such as noise cancellation and markdown text support.

The selective removal of reminders and the complete disappearance of the Google Photos integration are not likely to be permanent or deliberate actions when considering how popular and helpful these features are. However, it is important to note that this isn’t the first time a helpful feature has disappeared from the Messages app, such as has been the case with the “View messages by category” feature that filtered personal from business messages. Google has not yet addressed the missing features in Google Messages. Hopefully, the company quickly fixes these issues and restores the functionality that users have come to rely on sooner rather than later.

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