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Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro Camera App No Longer Includes Decade-Old Feature

Google Camera App Removes Photo Sphere Feature from Pixel 8 Series

Have you ever wondered about the Photo Sphere feature on the Google Camera app? Well, let us explain. Photo Sphere allows Pixel users to capture images that are seamlessly stitched together to create stunning 360-degree panoramas, reminiscent of Google Street View. However, Google has made the decision to remove this feature from the pre-installed Google Camera app version 9.1 on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices.

Although the Photo Sphere feature remains intact on older Pixel models running Google Camera app version 9.0 or older, it is unclear whether it will also be removed when these older models receive the 9.1 update. While Photo Sphere may not have been widely used by Pixel users, there are still some individuals who are disappointed by Google’s decision.

One user on Reddit expressed their frustration, stating, “Why in the world would Google remove Photo Sphere? Every time I used it around an iPhone user, they would be shocked that it’s a part of the regular camera app. What a disappointment.” Another Reddit user had only positive things to say about the feature, mentioning, “I’m so upset about this; it’s my favorite camera feature. It captures places unlike anything else.”

Interestingly, Google did not heavily promote the Photo Sphere feature in the past, but approximately a decade ago, it released a video demonstrating how to use it. Additionally, if you manage to create an exceptional 360-degree Photo Sphere photo, you have the opportunity to submit it to Google Maps, potentially having it featured on the app.

Now that Photo Sphere is receiving attention, albeit due to its removal on the Pixel 8 series, those with older Pixel models who previously overlooked the feature might consider giving it a try and discover its true potential. If you own a Pixel 7 series phone or an older model, take advantage of this opportunity to create some incredible 360-degree images, just in case the feature is also removed from your Pixel phone in the future.

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