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Google Pixel’s Call Screening feature could be expanded to additional countries, including India

Google’s Call Screening feature, which has been exclusive to Pixel phones, may soon be available in more countries, including India. This handy feature automatically transcribes and filters incoming calls, adding an extra layer of convenience and security to your phone experience.

Although currently only available in the US, a Reddit user in India successfully activated Call Screening on a rooted and modified OnePlus 7. Screenshots revealed the inclusion of Hindi transcription and response suggestions, indicating a potential expansion of the feature to India and other regions, as well as the addition of new language support.

Additional languages that were spotted as potential future support include Deutsch, Espanol, France, Italiano, Portuguese, and English, Hindi. While these findings are not official, there is speculation that they could be part of the next Pixel Feature Drop in March 2024. Currently, Call Screening works with the Pixel 5 up to the Pixel 8, which should be the same devices that would benefit from this feature if it expands to other countries as well.

Samsung has already introduced a call screening feature on its phones in India, known as Bixby Text Call. However, it currently only supports English and does not include Hindi. If Google proceeds with support for Hindi in Call Screening in India, this could lead to wider global use of the feature.

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