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Google Promotes RCS to Apple Users Through Play Store

Google is continuing its push for RCS messaging, even targeting Apple users through the Play Store. In a recent addition to the Play Store, Google has included a card promoting the benefits of RCS and how it is already enabled by default in the Google Messages app.

While Apple has been resistant to incorporating RCS into its iMessage application, Google has persistently campaigned for its adoption. Despite Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statement that iMessage meets users’ needs, Google has not given up its efforts and has even been joined by Samsung in advocating for RCS.

In an attempt to convince Apple to adopt RCS, Google has placed an ad for it on the Play Store. However, the ad is only visible on the web version of the Play Store, making it accessible to operating systems where the Play Store app is not available, such as iOS, macOS, and Windows. This suggests that Google is specifically targeting Apple users with its RCS promotion.

The Play Store ad for RCS provides a detailed explanation of its benefits and highlights that it is already enabled by default in the Google Messages app. The ad has been prominently placed on the Play Store website since October 2, 2023.

While it remains to be seen if Google’s latest attempt to promote RCS to Apple users will be successful, it is evident that the company is determined to establish RCS as the standard messaging platform for everyone.

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