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Google to highlight new accessibility feature in the Pixel 8 series in Super Bowl ad

Just in case you have been living under a rock — or just don’t follow what’s going on in American sports — next Sunday, February 11th, is the Super Bowl LVIII. Famous for being that event where sports and non-sports fanatics can gather to eat copious amounts of food and enjoy some entertainment — be it in the form of a football game or the halftime show — there is one other feature that the Super Bowl is known for: its ads.

For this televised event, companies invest in and compete for that celebrated spot of the best Super Bowl commercial. It’s not just a regular commercial, it’s a Super Bowl commercial, and therefore it must be special.

Google will be no exception this year, already dropping a sneak peek look at the behind the scenes making of its next Super Bowl ad, which will promote the Guided Frame feature available on Pixel phones. This feature, originally launched with the Pixel 7 series, aids users with limited vision to take well-composed pictures.

As seen in the video shared above, the story follows a blind man as he uses Guided Frame to capture moments with his girlfriend. The ad is narrated by the film’s Director, Adam Morse, who also happens to be blind.

In the commercial that takes place behind the scenes, Morse outlines the methods that he utilizes to create the illusion of blindness for the audience, including the spreading of petroleum jelly on the camera lens to more accurately represent how he sees the world. Guiding us through the challenges of navigating this world when dealing with his disability, the filmmaker speaks to trying to “blaze a trail for other blind artists to feel optimistic and ambitious about what they can achieve.”

Google is clearly wanting to demonstrate the positive impact that technology, particularly with its Google Pixel devices, has had on those within the wide spectrum of disability. This Super Bowl ad aims to do just that, by touching our hearts with a beautiful story. You will be able to watch the full ad during the Super Bowl next weekend or on YouTube once it hits the platform.

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