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Google Unveils Latest Updates and Features for Android on Smartphones, Watches, and TV Devices

Express Yourself with New Emoji Kitchen Combinations

Android users can now express themselves in more creative ways with new Emoji Kitchen sticker combinations and Voice Moods. Emoji Kitchen allows users to remix their favorite emoji into unique stickers.

More Free Google TV Channels

Google TV is expanding its free TV channel offerings with over 10 new channels, providing users with more entertainment options without additional subscriptions. This brings Google TV’s free channel lineup count up to 115.

Exploring free TV channels on Google TV.

Enhanced Wear OS Smart Home Controls, Smart Home Status, and Assistant Routines

Wear OS smartwatches now offer enhanced smart home controls, allowing users to control multiple lights simultaneously and set the mood for various occasions. They can also easily set their Google Home status to Home or Away, ensuring that smart home devices are configured accordingly. Additionally, Assistant Routines are coming soon to Wear OS, allowing users to start routines with voice commands for a more hands-free experience.

Using Google Home on a Wear OS smartwatch to change the colors of multiple lights at one time.
Using Google Home on a Wear OS smartwatch to change home presence from Home to Away.
Using Google Assistant on a Wear OS smartwatch to start a Routine by saying “Hey Google, commuting to work” and then the watch displays the weather, that day’s calendar, and that it’s playing music on the phone.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility Features

Android is also introducing new features to enhance security and accessibility. Users can now set custom PINs for FIDO2 security keys, providing an additional layer of protection for online accounts. Additionally, TalkBack is gaining AI-powered image descriptions, enabling users who are blind and low-vision to understand the content of images.

Setting up a security key with a custom PIN to authenticate access to a website.

Live Captions for Phone Calls and Media

Live Caption is expanding its language support, making it more accessible to users worldwide. Additionally, users will soon be able to reply to phone calls with text messages, enabling them to communicate without needing to hear or speak.

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