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Google updates the app just days ahead of Pixel Watch 2 release

Getting ready for the release of the Pixel Watch 2, which is scheduled for October 12th, Google has released version 2.0 of the Pixel Watch app. The update was announced in a community post made by the company and it suggests that users check the version of the Google Watch app they have on their phones and if it isn’t version, a trip to the Play Store to download the latest version of the Pixel Watch app is in order.

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In the community post, Google writes, “This update enables Pixel Watch 2 users to pair and manage their device. At the same time, this update also comes with the support for Wear 4 which is available for both Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 users. We have also redesigned the Pixel Watch App experience.”

One of the new features Google has added to the Pixel Watch 2 is included in the update and this allows a Pixel Watch 2 user to pair with a different phone without having to perform a factory reset. This is a big deal since no one likes to perform a factory reset.

The complete changelist published by Google is as follows.

What’s included in the October 2023 update:

  • Support for Pixel Watch 2
  • Support for Wear 4 features and updates, which include:
  • Back-up with Google One
  • Restore during watch setup from the available back-ups
  • Ability to transfer Watch to a new Phone without factory reset
  • Factory reset protection during watch setup
  • Redesigned experience for the Pixel Watch app
  • New settings and education under “Safety & emergency” section *
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) and BTM (Bedtime Mode) mode mirroring for Pixel Watch 2 users under the “Notifications” setting for Pixel phone users *
  • Bug fixes to improve the quality of the app
To check which version of the Pixel Watch app you have on your phone, tap on Settings > Apps. Tap on All apps and scroll down the list until you reach the Google Pixel Watch listing. Press on it and you’ll see a menu for the app. Scroll to the bottom where the version of the app is listed.

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