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Google Wallet Introduces New Feature: Convenient Sharing of Boarding Passes via Web or App Links

Google Wallet for Android has introduced a new feature that allows users to easily share boarding passes and event tickets with others through a link. This update, announced as part of Android’s July system updates, provides a convenient way to share passes with friends and family members who do not have the Google Wallet app installed on their devices.

According to 9to5Google, when opening an airline boarding pass or event pass, users will now see a share icon on the top left. Tapping on this icon will open the system share sheet, where users can select the desired recipient to share the pass with.

Once the recipient is selected, Google Wallet will generate a unique link for the pass. This link can be shared through messaging apps or email, and can be opened either within the recipient’s own Wallet app or on a web page along with a QR code for those without Android devices. However, it’s worth noting that once a pass is shared, it cannot be unsent.

This new feature is particularly useful as it allows passes to be viewed and saved on any device, including desktops and iOS devices. It eliminates the need for recipients to have the Google Wallet app installed in order to access their boarding pass. It also comes in handy for families, as one member can download all the family’s passes onto one device.

Unfortunately, not all airline boarding passes or event tickets are compatible with this feature yet. Google’s support site provides instructions on how to share passes, but does not specify the requirements for a pass to be shareable. Currently, some boarding passes, event passes, tickets, and loyalty cards on the app state that they cannot be shared.

Overall, the new link-based pass sharing feature in Google Wallet offers a convenient and user-friendly way to share passes with others. It has the potential to be immensely helpful in various scenarios. Hopefully, this functionality will continue to roll out, and a clearer list of passes eligible for sharing will be made available.

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