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Google Wallet introduces significant new functionalities for commuters

Google Wallet, the popular payment platform, has introduced new features that will enhance the commuting experience for users. With the aim of catering to the needs of public transit riders, Google has responded by offering an “open-loop payment system” that allows commuters to conveniently use any payment card from their physical or digital wallet to pay for their transit fare. This system is already available in cities like London, New York, and Sydney.

To further improve the commuting experience, Google has added a new feature that enables users to track their ride history and see how much they’ve saved through time-based fare caps. Users will receive updates from their transit agency, which will help them keep track of their expenditures. This feature will be rolled out later this year, starting with the Brighton and Hove buses in the UK.

In addition to these updates, Google Wallet has introduced another feature that allows riders in select cities to purchase and store their transit pass directly on their phone via the Wallet app. This feature is already available for commuters in Madrid, while riders in Seattle and the Puget Sound Region will soon be able to add their ORCA transit cards to Google Wallet. This eliminates the need for physical tickets and offers a more convenient way to travel.

Furthermore, Google has expanded its capability to support multi-leg journeys and has increased the ticketing options available to users. For instance, users can now purchase all tickets through Maps when traveling to another city, and seamlessly transition to using the local transit system, including subways and buses.

These new features offered by Google Wallet aim to improve the overall commuting experience for users, providing them with greater convenience and accessibility. Stay tuned for more updates as Google continues to enhance its platform for commuters.

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