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Google’s newest Pixel ad featuring a renowned musician

One of the most useful features found on Pixel models since the Pixel 6 series has been “Hold for Me.” If you hate being placed on hold and being forced to listen to annoying muzak or the same messages playing over and over again, those with a compatible Pixel handset can have Google Assistant hold for them, hear silence while the call is on hold, and receive an alert when the party on the other side of the call takes you off hold.
To promote “Hold for Me,” Google has released a video that runs for 30 seconds which means that we could see this video show up on television or streaming platforms as a commercial. The video stars famed musician Kenny G who is on a call and is told that he is being placed on hold until he can be connected with the next available representative. Truthfully, this call could have been made to a doctor’s office, a local utility company, or any other firm that you do business with.

Immediately the muzak begins and as Google says, Kenny G is left “listening to a lousy rendition of his melody.” After listening to the tune for a few seconds, an exasperated Kenny G says, “You gotta be kidding me,” and he taps on the “Hold for Me” button on his Pixel. #FixedOnPixel says the tagline.

There is no denying that Hold for Me worked brilliantly when my daily driver was the Pixel 6 Pro and I always received an alert that the other party was back on the call so that I could start or resume my conversation. If you make a lot of calls to set up appointments, refill prescriptions, or pay bills, and you find yourself (like Kenny G) having to sit through elevator music or promotional announcements, you can make better use of your time on hold by using “Hold for Me” because it keeps your head clear allowing you to do other things without distractions.

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