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Google’s upcoming chatbot, Bard Advanced, powered by Gemini Ultra, may come with a charge.

Google’s Bard chatbot is set to receive a significant upgrade in the near future. This upgrade will enhance its natural language processing capabilities, enabling it to generate even more realistic and engaging conversations. However, it might not be available at no cost to all users.

The upcoming iteration of the chatbot, Bard Advanced, is set to be fueled by Gemini Ultra, Google’s cutting-edge and highly advanced artificial intelligence model. The highly anticipated launch of Gemini Ultra is just around the corner, promising groundbreaking advancements in the field of natural language understanding and generation.

Based on information discovered hiding in plain sight on the Bard website, it appears that Bard Advanced may not be free to all users. As noted by Android Authority, Bedros Pamboukian, a developer and cybersecurity enthusiast, recently stumbled upon some intriguing lines of code suggesting that Bard Advanced will be offering a generous three-month free trial, with a paid premium tier once the trial period concludes.

In addition, Pamboukian discovered a broken Google One link ( which hints at a potential connection between Bard Advanced and Google One, Google’s subscription service that provides cloud storage, premium support, and various perks. The inclusion of Bard Advanced in Google One plans remains uncertain. It is yet to be determined if it will be offered as a separate subscription or bundled within the existing service. It remains to be seen whether Google will officially confirm these findings, but it appears that the chatbot is currently undergoing internal testing. It seems that the official announcement and release of Bard Advanced to the public may be just around the corner.

In December, Google unveiled Bard Advanced alongside the introduction of its Gemini AI model — a versatile collection of AI models that excel at a wide range of natural language tasks. The upcoming Bard Advanced is set to introduce a range of exciting new features, including voice input and output, multi-language support, and the ability to engage in personalized conversations. In addition, it will have the capability to cover a wide range of intricate and varied subjects, including politics, science, and entertainment.

Bard Advanced has the potential to be an incredibly impressive and groundbreaking chatbot, but there could be some drawbacks to consider. It is yet to be determined if users will be willing to pay for it.

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