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Google’s Voice Memo Feature Makes a Buzz on Wear OS, Breaking the Silence

Phones Canada is excited to share some great news for Wear OS users. Google Messages has introduced a new feature on the Wear OS app that allows users to send and listen to voice memos. This feature, which was announced recently, is now available for users to enjoy.

So, how does it work? When you’re in the middle of a conversation, you’ll notice three options on your screen for responses: emoji, microphone, and keyboard buttons. Previously, tapping the microphone button would switch to voice-to-text mode. However, with the latest update, tapping the microphone button will show two options: Voice message and Voice-to-text. By selecting Voice message, you can easily record a voice memo.

Recording starts instantly, and you’ll see a progress ring on your screen. The voice memo has a time limit of 59 seconds, and once you’re done recording, you can stop and send it. But here’s the cool part – you can also listen to voice messages right from your wrist!

In addition to this exciting news, Google has recently released its latest products, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, along with the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2. The Pixel Watch 2 brings a range of fresh apps for your wrist, including a Gmail app for Wear OS. Now, you can conveniently check your inbox and open messages on the go.

And let’s not forget about the impressive features of the Pixel Watch 2. With the new chip, menus are smoother, heart measurements are more accurate, battery life has seen a modest boost, and you no longer have to worry about accidental slips from the charger – your watch will stay in place.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Phones Canada as we bring you the latest news and innovations in the world of smartphones and wearable technology.

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