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Hebrew Typing Problem in iOS 17’s Notes and Other Right-to-Left Scripts

Notes on iOS is a versatile app that allows users to jot down their thoughts, create shopping lists, and more. However, some users have reported a bug in the app that affects cursor movement and text alignment when trying to write from right to left in languages like Hebrew and Arabic. This issue can be found in the newly released iOS 17.

According to a report from AppleInsider, users have experienced difficulties with the cursor positioning while typing in right-to-left scripts. Although the words and sentences appear correctly, users struggle to determine the cursor’s position. This becomes especially problematic when users attempt to insert a new word in the middle of an already-typed sentence, as the newly added word appears on the right-hand side at the beginning of the sentence. Backspacing is also challenging because the cursor behaves as if it is on the right margin.

Apple Support has acknowledged the issue and has asked affected users to provide more details about their experiences. They encourage users to report the bugs encountered and share as much information as possible. By doing so, Apple Support can better address the problem and assist users in resolving it.

Overall, the current bug in the Notes app for iOS 17 disrupts the user experience when writing in right-to-left languages. It is recommended to avoid editing notes until this issue is addressed to prevent further complications.

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