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High-ranking Apple executive involved in development of multi-touch, Touch ID, Face ID, and Vision Pro technology is departing the company

Steve Hotelling is departing from Apple after a long and illustrious career. He played a key role in the creation of several important features used in many of Apple’s most significant products today, like multi-touch technology. This technology is the reason we can pinch and zoom on our smartphones and became a key feature for the iPhone. Hotelling also contributed to the creation of Touch ID, the first dependable fingerprint scanner on a phone, and Face ID, Apple’s secure 3D facial recognition system. He also worked on the 120Hz ProMotion display and was involved in the development of custom image sensors for Apple’s cameras. Additionally, Hotelling played a role in the creation of Apple’s Vision Pro spatial computer. He is leaving Apple as the executive responsible for touchscreen technologies, health sensors, and Face ID. A longtime colleague described Hotelling as “brilliant” and “no one was more brilliant than Steve.” Several veteran Apple executives will take up his responsibilities moving forward.

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