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How the body temperature thermometer in the Pixel 8 Pro functions

Google Pixel users have received the first Pixel feature drop of 2024, and Pixel 8 Pro users got an extra bonus with the device’s built-in thermometer gaining a new capability: measuring body temperature.

The Pixel 8 Pro’s body temperature taking process involves placing the phone against your forehead and sweeping it gently towards your temple. Users will also need to select the age range of the person whose temperature is being taken, and results appear as color-coded ranges of normal, elevated, or high temperatures. The temperature readings can be logged directly to Fitbit trackers and devices, providing users with a comprehensive view of their health measurements.

It’s important to note that the functionality for measuring body temperature is currently only available in the United States, based on the user’s SIM card location. This limits the potential influence of the Pixel 8 Pro’s health-tracking capabilities, but hopefully, this can change in the future.

Overall, the Pixel 8 Pro’s new body temperature measurement capability expands its health-tracking capabilities, but its limited availability highlights the relevance of regulatory issues in healthcare technology. We hope to see this feature become more widely accessible in the future.

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