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However, there’s a catch: Samsung offers free cloud backups for Galaxy flagships.

Samsung has introduced a new solution called Temporary Cloud Backup, to address the problem of limited storage for smartphone backups. This service is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet users, providing them with access to temporary storage as needed.

With Temporary Cloud Backup, Samsung offers users complimentary file storage in the cloud for a period of 30 days. While there is a file size limit of 100 GB per file, users can store an unlimited number of files on their Samsung devices running One UI 6.0 or higher.

According to Chiyoung Seo, VP & Head of Cloud Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, this upgraded switching experience based on Samsung Cloud aims to provide peace of mind to Galaxy users, assuring them that their valuable data will not be lost thanks to the connected power of Galaxy’s ecosystem.

One of the key benefits of Temporary Cloud Backup is its usefulness in scenarios where users may be concerned about data loss, such as when getting their smartphone repaired. Samsung has integrated Temporary Cloud Backup into Maintenance Mode, ensuring a secure backup of personal data, including files within the Secure Folder, for recovery after repairs.

Maintenance Mode was introduced by Samsung a year ago to enhance user security. It creates a separate user account for repairs, safeguarding private information. To activate Maintenance Mode, users simply need to go to Settings, click on Battery and device care, select Maintenance Mode, and reboot. Personal data such as photos and messages will remain inaccessible after the restart.

Users should be aware that they will receive a notification when the 30-day storage period is about to end, and any files stored for the full period will be automatically deleted. It’s worth noting that the 30-day limit applies to each file individually, and the countdown starts when the file is uploaded.

Initially, Temporary Cloud Backup is being rolled out to Galaxy S and Z series models running One UI 6.0 or higher in South Korea. However, global availability is expected to expand gradually starting from this fall.

Samsung’s Temporary Cloud Backup offers a convenient solution for users who require additional storage for their smartphone backups. With its ease of use and integration into Maintenance Mode, users can now be confident that their personal data is securely backed up and can be easily recovered if needed.

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