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Humane provides shipping information for its new AI Pin

In a recent X post, innovative tech company Humane revealed the start shipping dates of its upcoming AI Pin. In case you don’t recall, the company introduced its product that aims to replace smartphones in November, kicking off preorder dates on November 16.

Back then, the Humane refrained from sharing shipping details, only claiming it would begin shipping its innovative AI Pin in early 2024. On Friday, Humane released a post on X, throwing light on the matter of shipping. In short, the AI Pin shipping will commence sometime in March of 2024.

Does this mean everyone will receive their orders in March next year? Unfortunately, no. In its own words, Humane says it’ll honor early support, i.e., orders placed early, with AI Pins as soon as shipping commences.

Priority orders aside, the company will dispatch the AI Pin in the order in which orders were received. In other words, if you want to be among the first to get this innovative item, you should place an order as soon as possible.

In case you don’t recall, the AI Pin is an OpenAI-powered wearable computer. It features no display yet does everything a smartphone can and more. The device allows its wearer to capture photos, engage in text messaging, ask a virtual assistant for all sorts of things, and more. The wearable even projects a visual interface on its user’s palm.

The complete AI Pin system consists of the item itself, two charges – a case and a pad, a USB-C adapter, and two battery boosters. This whole system is priced at $699. To use the AI Pin, users need an active subscription to Humane’s services, which cost $24/mo. (fees and taxes excluded).

The item is no longer up for preorder and can now be ordered straight from the Humane website. As an additional note, we should mention that users who don’t want to go all-in and pay for the AI Pin in one installment have the option to pay over time.

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