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I’m a Fan of the Pixel Watch 2, But Google Needs to Step Up Their Game

Google Pixel Watch 2 Review

When the Pixel Watch 1 was released last year, it fell short in a lot of areas including battery life, lagging, and poor design choices. However, Google has redeemed itself with the Pixel Watch 2, which offers significant improvements across the board.

Battery Life and Performance

The biggest upgrade in the Pixel Watch 2 is its battery life. The new watch can last two full days with normal use, a vast improvement from the original Pixel Watch. This is in part due to the new Snapdragon Wear 5100 chip, which has enhanced the overall performance of the watch, making it faster and more responsive. Additionally, the charging experience has been improved with stronger magnets that keep the charger securely attached to the watch.

Sleep Tracking and Design

The Pixel Watch 2 also brings more reliable sleep tracking and a sleek, comfortable design. While there are still some limitations when it comes to finding third-party accessories for the watch, the improvements in functionality and performance make the Pixel Watch 2 a worthy investment for users who are looking for a dependable smartwatch.


Overall, the Pixel Watch 2 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering better battery life, performance, and design. Its round shape and elegant aesthetics make it a desirable option for users in the market for an Android-compatible smartwatch. With Google’s recent efforts to enhance the overall experience of the Pixel Watch, now is the ideal time to consider investing in this reliable and stylish smartwatch.

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