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Immerse Yourself in the ‘Squid Game’ Experience with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra at California’s Immersive Event

For a short, but memorable time, the whole world was obsessed with people in green tracksuits who got killed in incredibly innovative ways in some fatal games – a.k.a. the Netflix hit series ‘Squid Game’.

The craze is not over, as people in Los Angeles can right now be a part of the ‘Squid Game’ Immersive Live Experience which brings the series’ experience to life. Samsung is an official partner for Netflix’s immersive pop-up experience and the Korean giant is not providing sponsorship only. There are many Samsung products to be seen in the real life gameplay – like Samsung’s latest Smart TVs and the latest Galaxy smartphones.

There are six challenges that will put your skills to the test in an immersive competition like no other. Sign up now and be one of the first to accept the Front Man’s challenge. No challenge comes without a prize, and that’s the case here: winners who are interested in participating in season 2 casting for ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ will receive priority casting consideration.

The one-of-a-kind experience will take visitors through the iconic sets and let them compete in games drawn from and inspired by the shows. The new “Squid Game: The Trials” is currently open to visitors to experience in Los Angeles and will run into the new year with plans to expand to various cities around the world.

“Visitors also can enjoy Samsung’s latest mobile innovation through various experiences with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung provides opportunities to experience the most up-to-date technology by incorporating their key features with the most memorable scenes from ‘Squid Game’”, says the official Samsung blog post.

For example, while playing ‘Squid Game’s most iconic Red Light, Green Light the Galaxy S23 Ultra will capture key moments of gameplay with Hyperlapse video and high-quality pictures.

With the precision it brings, the S Pen serves as a crucial component in the Digital Dalgona Challenge by helping players throw themselves into the mind-gripping and pressure-sensitive task of cutting delicate shapes out of the Korean candy. Visitors can enjoy the game on the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s immersive ultra-wide screen and challenge themselves with five levels of difficulty. Players can also check where they rank against competitors on the leaderboard. Furthermore, the S Pen can also be used to capture in-game photos for sharing after completion.

There will also be a FlexCam Selfie Kiosk, where the Galaxy Z Flip5’s FlexCam enables visitors to take hands-free photos from different angles and download them to be framed.

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