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Impressive Leaked Benchmark Scores for Pixel 8 Pro Emerge

Pixel 8 Pro: A Flagship Android Choice

Google ditched Snapdragon chips with the Pixel 6 and while its in-house Tensor chips power AI-backed features such as speech recognition and photo processing, they aren’t necessarily the fastest chipsets around. That’s partly because Google shies away from using the latest cores and although this will continue to be the case this year, the company will apparently at least use newer cores and a new 1+4+4 layout, which should help speed things up considerably.

The scores are still nowhere near Snapdragon 8 Gen 2-powered phones like the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which scored 2,062 and 5,531 on the single and multi-core test, respectively.

That said, even though the Pixel 8 Pro might not have as much raw power as other top Android phones, it will be performant enough for most users’ needs, and as mentioned before, Pixel chips are more about machine learning capabilities to improve everything from communication to photos.

The chip is expected to feature the new Mali-G715 GPU which should improve gaming performance. Most importantly, it is expected to run cooler than previous Google chips and prevent the phone from heating up, which has been a common complaint with recent Pixel phones.

Google will announce the Pixel 8 and Pro on October 4 and the phones will reportedly go on sale on October 12.

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