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Increased functionality comes to Gmail on tablets and foldable phones with Google’s latest update

Google has recently introduced new productivity features to its Gmail app for Android tablets and foldable smartphones. One of these features is the ability to open links in split-screen view, which is a highly anticipated functionality.

To use this feature, simply tap on a link or attachment within an email, and it will open on the right half of the screen, while the email remains on the left half. This allows users to view and interact with the linked content without losing sight of their email.

In addition, Google has added the option to control the width of each half of the screen. By dragging the divider handle in the middle of the screen, users can customize the size of the split view to suit their preference. This further enhances the productivity potential of the Gmail app.

Alongside these updates to Gmail, Google has also highlighted several other apps that have received third-party optimizations. Among them are Adobe Acrobat Reader, Dropbox, Evernote, Todoist, and Zoom. These apps have undergone interesting changes in recent weeks, so be sure to check out Google’s blog post for more information on these updates.

Overall, Google’s latest additions to Gmail and other apps aim to enhance productivity on Android tablets and foldable smartphones. With their improved functionality, users can now multitask more efficiently and seamlessly access linked content without losing focus on their emails.

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