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Introducing Samsung’s Officially Launched Galaxy SmartTag2: Offering Enhanced Confidence

Samsung has officially announced the launch of its latest gadget, the Galaxy SmartTag2. This redesigned smart tracker brings a range of enhancements and intuitive features to provide users with a more enjoyable experience.

One of the key features of the Galaxy SmartTag2 is the brand-new Lost Mode. Users can set their contact details as a message via the SmartThings app. If the item with the smart tracker attached is lost, anyone with an NFC and a browser on their phone can read the message and potentially return the item. Users can easily disable this mode when they no longer want their contact details displayed.

Another new feature is the Compass View, which displays the direction and distance of the Galaxy smart tracker on the user’s phone using arrows. This feature is only available on UWB-supported Galaxy smartphones.

The Galaxy SmartTag2 uses a user-replaceable CR2032 battery, just like its predecessor. However, it now features a Power Saving mode that extends the battery life. With Power Saving mode enabled, the tracker can last up to 700 days, while Normal Mode offers up to 500 days of battery life, a 50% increase from the previous version.

In terms of range, the Galaxy SmartTag2 has an impressive coverage of 120 meters (393.7 feet), compared to just 60 feet for the first model. It also comes with an upgraded IP67 rating for enhanced durability. The “Unknown tag alerts” feature provides better security, and there’s even a new pet walking mode for pet owners.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy SmartTag2 is compatible only with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It requires a Samsung account log-in and SmartThings Find registration to function properly. Additionally, it works with Android 11 or later versions.

The Galaxy SmartTag2 is set to launch globally on October 11. Pricing details have not been announced yet.

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