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Introducing the Upgraded Google Pixel Buds Pro: Fresh Colors, Low Latency, Conversation Detection, and More Coming this Fall

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro are receiving exciting updates this fall, along with the addition of two new colors to the existing lineup. As part of Google’s commitment to continuous improvement, the Pixel Buds Pro have been enhanced since their launch last year, and these upcoming updates further elevate the listening experience.

AI-Powered Voice Clarity:
One of the standout features is AI-powered voice clarity. With the addition of Bluetooth Super Wideband support, the bandwidth for voices is doubled, resulting in fuller and clearer sound during calls. Additionally, Clear Calling on Pixel reduces background noise and enhances the voice of the person you’re talking to.

New Colors this Fall:
In addition to the current selection of colors, two new shades, Bay and Porcelain, will be introduced this fall. These colors are designed to perfectly complement the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2, allowing users to match or mix their devices according to their preferences.

More Features Coming to all Pixel Buds Pro:
Whether you purchased the Pixel Buds Pro last year or pre-ordered them during the recent hardware event, you will receive the following features and improvements in the upcoming fall update:

1. Conversation Detection: The Pixel Buds Pro can now automatically detect when you start speaking and pause your music, switching to Transparency mode. When your conversation ends, your music resumes, and Active Noise Cancellation is reactivated.

2. Low-Latency Gaming Mode: When opening a compatible game on your Pixel phone, the Pixel Buds Pro’s new mode automatically reduces latency by half, providing a more immersive gaming experience.

3. Pixel Buds App for Chromebooks: The Pixel Buds app is now available for Chromebooks, making it easier to customize earbud settings, switch noise control modes, and install firmware updates directly from your Chromebook.

Existing Benefits of the Pixel Buds Pro:
Current Pixel Buds Pro users are already enjoying several impressive features that continue to enrich their experience:

– Active Noise Cancellation with Silent Seal: This technology adapts to your ear shape, effectively blocking unwanted noise for an enhanced music experience.

– Multipoint Connectivity: Pixel Buds Pro seamlessly switch between compatible devices, including Android phones, iOS devices, tablets, and laptops.

– Google Assistant Integration: Users can easily access Google Assistant to initiate tasks such as starting workout music, sending quick texts, and even achieving live translation, all without using their hands.

In conclusion, the Pixel Buds Pro were already highly regarded wireless earbuds, and these upcoming features and improvements further enhance their appeal. If you’re seeking earbuds with superior sound quality, active noise cancellation, and a range of useful features, the Pixel Buds Pro are an excellent choice.

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