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iPhone 15 Pro faces unprecedented decline in satisfaction as iPhone 15 steals the spotlight

iPhone 15 Pro Satisfaction Drops to Previously Unimaginable Levels
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction! That’s what iPhone 15 Pro users are humming these days. In fact, they’ve been humming like that for many months now – in late October 2023, we told you about the iPhone 15 Pro having the worst user-generated reviews of any premium iPhone model yet.

Now, the iPhone 15 Pro gets even less love from the public, according to the newest information (via 9to5Mac). The vanilla iPhone 15, however, is getting more love. That’s something. I’m sure folks over at Cupertino were hoping for the exact opposite phenomenon, but here we are, living in the strangest of times. Or, maybe the times aren’t as strange and there’s a simple reason behind the satisfaction drop among iPhone 15 Pro users…

What changed?
Back in late October 2023, a PerfectRec report went through almost 700,000 user-generated reviews online and found that the iPhone 15 Pro was given 5/5 stars on only 73% of these reviews. That was lower than the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro’s similar 5/5 scores.

PerfectRec’s latest report (on a side note: these reports should be called “PerfectWreck”) applies the same methodology and finds out that the cheaper iPhone 15 and 15 Plus get an increase in customer satisfaction. Usually, the Pro phones have higher ratings than the base variants but not this time around.

Now, only 66.1% of iPhone 15 Pro reviews now give 5/5 stars. And for iPhone 15 Pro Max, that went from 77% to 72.5%.

In contrast, the iPhone 15 went from 68.2% to 78.1% and the iPhone 15 Plus jumped from 70% to 73.5% for 5/5 star ratings.

In the last 30 days, the top three complaints about iPhone 15 Pro have been, according to the report:
– Poor battery life
– Incremental upgrades from iPhone 14 Pro
– Disappointment about the physical design and protruding camera lenses

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