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iPhone alarm has been ringing every day at 9:25 am for five years and cannot be disabled

A woman named Angele Sofia recently took to TikTok to share a frustrating bug that has been affecting her iPhone for the past four or five years. Every morning at 9:25 am, her iPhone alarm goes off, and she is unable to disable it. Other users on TikTok have offered suggestions such as setting a new alarm for the same time and then disabling it, asking Siri to disable all alarms, and checking the calendar app for an all-day reminder with an alert. Despite trying these suggestions, Sofia hasn’t been able to solve the issue, and she is reluctant to perform a factory reset on her phone. While a factory reset might be the ultimate solution, it’s understandable that she wishes to avoid the hassle of setting up her phone from scratch. Sofia has even reached out to Apple for help, but so far, the issue remains unresolved. This ongoing problem highlights the frustration that users can experience when dealing with persistent device issues.

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