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iPhone can still make and receive calls moments after being removed from a bonfire, and is able to transfer data the next day.

In an incredible display of endurance, an iPhone was accidentally dropped into a bonfire, leaving it looking pretty crispy. Despite this, the phone was still able to receive calls and keep running until the data was transferred to a new phone the next morning. This unnamed iPhone model demonstrated remarkable resilience, even in the face of searing hot temperatures. It’s worth noting that even the iPhone 15 Pro series handsets, which have been known to overheat, haven’t experienced anything close to this level of heat. The exact model of the iPhone is unknown, but we can eliminate the iPhone 15 series and the iPhone 14 Pro series due to the presence of the notch. With the MagSafe case, we know it cannot be older than an iPhone 12 series unit. Regardless of the model, the fact that the charred phone was able to hold on long enough to transfer data to a new device is truly impressive.

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