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iPhone is the top 5G phone in multiple countries on Ookla’s list of fastest devices

Yes, I remember quite well the OG iPhone I purchased in 2007. It didn’t support 3G and instead, it ran on AT&T’s EDGE. The latter delivered data speeds as slow as molasses and the only way to get clear YouTube videos was to find a Wi-Fi signal. And if you were using Safari, people couldn’t call you as the calls would go straight to voicemail (visual voicemail to be sure, but voicemail nevertheless). Of course, all of these issues went away when Apple released the iPhone 3GS in 2008

Besides the U.S., an iPhone had the fastest median 5G downlink speeds in 11 other countries

Here we are at the tail end of 2023 and the iPhone has offered 5G support since the iPhone 12 line was launched in 2020. And in the U.S., the new iPhone 15 series dominates Ookla’s listing of the fastest 5G phones in the U.S. Ookla, as many of you already know, developed the app that will measure your phone’s 5G downlink and uplink data speeds.

The fastest phone in other countries as measured by Ookla include:
  • Australia-iPhone 15 Pro Max-265.88Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Brazil-iPhone 15-533.32Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Canada-iPhone 15 Pro Max-217.35Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • France-iPhone 15 Pro Max-331.11Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Germany-iPhone 15 Pro Max-191.11Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • India-iPhone 15 Plus-335.09Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Philippines-Galaxy Z Fold 5-141.20Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • South Korea-iPhone 14 Pro-594.49Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Spain-iPhone 14 Pro Max-197.90Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • U.A.E.-iPhone 15 Pro-839.63Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • U.K.-iPhone 15 Pro-150.79Mbps median 5G downlink speed.
  • Vietnam-iPhone 14 Pro Max-285.85Mbps median 5G downlink speed.

In its report, Ookla writes, “We’re excited by the number of countries where mobile device performance increased with the new models and even more excited by the countries where performance is so fast that consumers can look to new modes of connectivity. Even if your country didn’t see the speed boosts you were hoping for, don’t hold back on upgrading if you want to treat yourself or a loved one based on any other number of reasons.”

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