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Is OnePlus Open Camera the Top Camera System for Foldable Devices?

Introducing the OnePlus Open: The Camera System on a Foldable Phone

After much anticipation and waiting, the OnePlus Open has finally arrived! As the first foldable phone from OnePlus, it brings with it a host of promises and an impressive spec sheet. One feature that stands out is its camera system, which includes three cameras on the back and two selfie snappers, one for each display.

If you’ve been following OnePlus and its phones over the past few years, you probably suspected that the company would continue its partnership with the popular camera brand Hasselblad, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Now, let’s delve into the details and find out what all the fuss is about with the OnePlus Open cameras!

OnePlus Open Camera Specs:
Here’s a detailed overview of each camera sensor on the OnePlus Open:

Main (Wide-angle): Sony LYT-T808 “Pixel Stacked” CMOS
– 48MP
– 1/1.43” sensor size
– 24mm focal length
– 1.12μm pixel size
– f/1.7 aperture
– Has autofocus

Ultra-wide: Sony IMX581
– 48MP
– 1/2″ sensor size
– 14mm focal length
– 0.8μm pixel size
– f/2.2 aperture
– Has autofocus and capable of macro shooting (3.5 cm)

Telephoto: OmniVision OV64B with 3X optical zoom
– 64MP
– 1/2″ sensor size
– 70mm focal length
– 0.7μm pixel size
– f/2.6 aperture
– Has autofocus

External Selfie: Unspecified
– 20MP
– 1/4″ sensor size
– 20mm focal length
– 0.7μm pixel size
– f/2.2 aperture
– Fixed focus

Internal Selfie: Unspecified
– 32MP
– 1/3.14″ sensor size
– 22mm focal length
– 0.7μm pixel size
– f/2.4 aperture
– Fixed focus

OnePlus Open Camera Characteristics:
The main (wide-angle) 48MP camera on the OnePlus Open is a first in the foldable phone market. It features Sony’s new LYTIA “Pixel Stacked” image sensor, which captures larger amounts of light without the need for a large sensor size found in regular flagship phones.

According to OnePlus, this new sensor delivers image quality comparable to the Sony IMX989 found in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This gives us high hopes for the OnePlus Open’s main camera!

On the other hand, the telephoto 64MP camera on the OnePlus Open has been customized to fit inside the slim body of the phone. This customization allows for 23% more light, and it comes with a 3X optical zoom and a 6X lossless sensor crop. The 120x Ultra Res Zoom may not match up to expectations, as it heavily relies on software and AI smarts, which OnePlus is not known for.

OnePlus has also emphasized the Portrait Mode on the OnePlus Open, thanks to its partnership with Hasselblad. The company claims that this mode is particularly powerful in low-light conditions, offering a comparable experience to a Hasselblad camera with XCD 30, 65, and 90V lenses.

How many cameras does the new OnePlus Open have?
The OnePlus Open foldable phone boasts a total of five cameras: three at the back and two selfie cameras embedded in the cover and inner displays. The three cameras at the back are the main (wide), ultra-wide, and 3X telephoto.

OnePlus Open Camera Megapixels:
Here are the megapixel counts for each camera on the OnePlus Open:

Main (Wide-angle) Camera: 48MP
Ultra-wide Snapper: 48MP
Telephoto Lens: 64MP
External Selfie Camera: 32MP
Internal Selfie Camera: 48MP

With its impressive camera system, the OnePlus Open is poised to deliver exceptional photography experiences. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed reviews of the OnePlus Open camera system.

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