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Is the Samsung Galaxy Ring more than just a health tracker?

Happy Galaxy S24 day! Well, I wish I could’ve said “Happy Galaxy Ring” day instead, but I’ll take three new phone models, packed with Galaxy AI features from Samsung instead too. But, hold on, did I just say “Galaxy Ring”?

Yep, I did. During its Unpacked event, as Samsung was talking about new and upcoming Samsung Health features, it suddenly switched gears and presented an entirely new type of smart gadget: the Galaxy Ring!

I’m sure that a ton of questions are buzzing around in your mind: what is it about? How much does it cost? When can you buy it? Where can you buy it from? Does it only work with Samsung phones?

We don’t know yet. All we got today was a teaser. And do you know what that means? We get to theorize!

The concept of a smart ring isn’t anything new. So are there any benefits to such a contraption that can either beat or supplement a smart ecosystem like that of Samsung? Especially considering that it consists of not just phones, but also earbuds, smartwatches, and even tablets.

Well, of course! And while we can’t say anything about the precise ways in which the Galaxy Ring can enrich the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, I can think of a few features that it may offer:

  • More precise health tracking that extends beyond your Galaxy Watch’s capabilities
  • Wireless features that allow you to pay with your ring or unlock doors with it
  • Gesture controls: how about snapping your fingers to take a photo from a distance?
  • Hand-tracking capabilities for Samsung’s allegedly upcoming VR headset

And that’s just off the top of my head! I’m sure that the big brains at Samsung have figured out a ton of ways in which a smart ring could be useful to the modern techie. So then the real question becomes: when will we find out more about the device?

Well, we don’t know. All we’ve got to go on for now is a teaser. There’s tons of hype about the Galaxy S24 series of phones, so I guess that we’ll find out more about the Galaxy Ring later on in 2024 when we’re all ready for more new tech.

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