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Leaked Ahead of Launch: Spotify’s HiFi Tier Price and Features Revealed

Spotify’s Upcoming HiFi Tier Revealed: Features and Pricing Leaked

The much-anticipated HiFi tier from Spotify is finally starting to see some light. Although its official introduction took place in 2021, there has been no concrete timeframe for its release. However, recent reports suggest that the HiFi tier has been renamed to “Supremium.”

Thanks to Redditor Hypixely (via The Verge), we now have more insight into the features of Spotify’s upcoming HiFi tier. The app’s code reveals several new and exciting features, including the ability to create AI-driven playlists and enjoy up to 30 hours of audiobook listening every month.

Interestingly, the code suggests that access to the included audiobook listening hours will only be available to plan managers of Individual, Duo, and Family plans.

The HiFi tier will offer 24-bit lossless music, allowing for a premium listening experience. Users will also have the ability to filter their library by mood, activity, and genre. Additionally, Spotify will provide advanced mixing tools that enable customers to customize their playlists based on factors such as BPM or danceability. The “smart order” feature will create the best sequence using key and tempo.

Smooth transitions between tracks will be made possible by enabling cue points. Spotify also claims that their advanced technology ensures no lag or delay.

Intriguingly, the app’s code references something called “Soundcheck,” which aims to inform users about their listening habits and help them discover a unique mix of sounds.

As for the price, the leaked code suggests that the “Supremium” tier will cost $19.99 per month. However, it is important to note that this could be a placeholder and subject to change.

Lastly, the code also mentions Nemo Duo and Nemo Family, but at this point, there is no information available about these features.

Stay tuned for more updates on Spotify’s upcoming HiFi tier as we await its official release.

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