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Leaked Pricing for Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: Are They Becoming More Affordable or More Pricey?

As the much-anticipated debut of Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S24 series approaches, leaks and rumors surface more often. While details about the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra are almost exhaustive, one lingering mystery has been their prices. The latest rumor, however, sheds some light on what they might cost, at least in Europe. GalaxyClub.nl spilled the beans on the European price tags for Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ could come in a bit cheaper than their predecessors. On the flip side, the Galaxy S24 Ultra demands a heftier price compared to last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Here’s the scoop from the source: The Galaxy S24 is rumored to hit the shelves at €899 ($999) for 128GB storage and €959 ($1066) for 256GB, a tad more pocket-friendly compared to last year’s European S23 that kicked off at €949 ($1055). Now, for the Plus model, if you live in Europe, get ready to shell out €1149 ($1278) for 256GB and €1269 ($1411) for 512GB. In a twist, the predecessor was a bit pricier at €1199 ($1334).

The top-tier Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to flaunt a price tag of €1449 ($1612) for 256GB and €1569 ($1745) for 512GB, which is a notch higher than last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, which kicked off at €1399 ($1556). Looks like the Ultra experience might come with a bit of a price bump this time around. For a quick rundown on how the leaked prices stack up, take a glance at the table below.

Model | 128GB | 256GB | 512GB
Galaxy S24 | €899 ($999) | €959 ($1066)
Galaxy S24+ | | €1149 ($1278) | €1269 ($1411)
Galaxy S24 Ultra | | €1449 ($1612) | €1569 ($1745)

Curious about the implications for the US market? Well, if history is any indicator and the trend holds, the Galaxy S24 series might come in a bit cheaper in the US compared to Europe. Just to jog your memory, the base Galaxy S23 started at $799.99 for the 128GB version in the US last year, while across the pond, it was making waves at $1055 in Europe.

It’s worth noting that higher prices in Europe can be chalked up to factors like elevated VAT levels in Eurozone countries. This pricing gap between the US and Europe is a common sight in the world of electronic devices, influenced by a medley of factors, including taxes, import duties, and the ebb and flow of the market.

It’s important to note that this pricing intel isn’t officially endorsed by the company, so a dash of skepticism is warranted. The grand reveal for the Galaxy S24 is slated for January 17, so hang tight—official details are just around the corner!

The Galaxy S24 series appears to be Samsung’s plunge into AI, boasting an array of generative AI features. From an AI-powered keyboard to live translation during calls, Samsung seems set to sprinkle a touch of artificial intelligence across its upcoming smartphones.

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